Who is that Yenny?

  • Yenny Stromgren

    Yenny Stromgren

    Podcast host/facilitator, life thriver and self-care junkie.

    Swedish-born Yenny Stromgren first travelled to Australia in 1999 to study photography.She ‘accidentally’ found her way to podcasting and is now a self-confessed ‘podcast nerd’, hosting and producing not one but two podcast shows: Noosa Stories and Everyday Light Warriors.Her mission is to inspire people within her local and global community by sharing stories. She believes that there is no better way for an individual, business or organization to connect with their audience than through creating their own podcast.  When Yenny is not working, you can usually find her hanging out with her boys at one of Noosa’s beautiful beaches, dreaming of building a tiny house on wheels or just hanging out with friends, laughing and enjoying life to the fullest!